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Are You Good Enough? 5 Ways To Know
Who`s too good or not good enough for another person; how can you know whether you`re good enough for anyone you are questioning yourself about? How can you determine whether you will ever be good enough in another person`s opinion to invest your time and energy pursuing any relationship that is meaningful?
Is there a way to know whether you are wasting valuable time and energy trying to make something work? There are indeed some simple signs that will help you make the right judgment while staying true to you!
1) Are you always trying to do better? If you are involved with someone who always expects more than you have been or believe you can become, you are wasting your time. When doing your best is not good enough, it will never be good enough. That person can never see their ideal in you and maybe not in anyone else. Don`t allow others expectations to chip away at your own self-worth. You are likely dealing with someone who has little sense of their own worth and expects a partner to be enough to compensate for what they believe is lacking.
2) Are they embarrassed to introduce you to family or business associates? If so, the relationship they believe they are having with you is not lasting in their eyes. If being just a fling is acceptable with you, hang in there; if not, it`s time to head out to a greener pastures.
If you loved this article and you would like to receive more data pertaining to Songs About Not Being Good Enough kindly pay a visit to the page. 3) Are they critical of your looks, education or personal beliefs? When you care about a person, or even believe you are in a relationship that could lead to something more, you see the best in that person. Continuing criticism is a clue you should catch; in their eyes, you will never make the grade.
4) Is `a change is gonna come` their motto? If so, steer clear of this partner. When they are always trying to change you they are clearly stating that you are not good enough in their eyes. Unless you have habits that are destroying your health and peace of mind and theirs along with it, no one has the right to expect they can change you.
5) Is there someone they compare you with constantly? If this occurs, the person they are comparing you to is good enough; you are not. Don`t forfeit your uniqueness or personal happiness to satisfy this urge to be like someone else. Be the best you can imagine becoming... with someone else!
How can you really know if you are good enough? If you are at your very worst and that person still thinks you are just fine, or good enough!
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